Hey everyone! Welcome to our new website! This is the kick off for AVW week! Come and check it out as much as you want for more information about Fridays Live. There will be many updates about the show and to tell you what we have planned for the rest of the semester. 

But now to the really fun stuff!

We are very excited to announce that we are doing a collaboration show this Friday with Newstime! No your eyes don’t deceive you! We have come together as one and will be working with the cast and crew from Newstime to give you 2x the entertainment and 2x the comedy that you won’t want to miss. The cast and crew for both shows have already started working very hard to make this episode the best it could possibly be. So come out to the Bobcat Lounge to see the live streaming of the show. But, WAIT, that’s not all! Go the the Bobcat Lounge at 5 and you will get to see segments from all the other shows that are in AVW! This is the first time this has ever been done and we are all eager to give you a good show. 

Keep checking back for more updates on how things are going during the week!Image


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